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Setting up and selling on marketplaces is no easy feat. That’s why you need a solution that blends the best parts of people and product.
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The tool

On-demand features to
grow & scale.

Omni-Channel Commerce

Market Price Analytics Tool

Financial Performance & Reporting

Financial Reconciliation Automation Tool

Intelligent Demand Forecasting Tool

Inventory Pipeline Visibility Tool

Authentication Testing Program

Deliverish Hub

omni channel commerce


Connect the dots between your products and where customers shop, with our omni-channel commerce solution. Get more exposure, drive more sales traffic, and integrate multiple ecommerce touchpoints that help you improve customer experience and gives customers more places to shop across the board.
market price analytics tool

Market Price
Analytics Tool

Stay on top of market trends and changes with our analytics tool that helps you ensure pricing is competitive, strategic, and supports a constant sell-through rate across sales channels. Get real-time pricing across marketplaces, receive better ROIs, and optimize for every fluctuating trend, all within our tool.
financial performance reporting

Financial Performance
& Reporting

With Gierd, get a look at a robust and unified financial reporting across all of your marketplaces to make sure all dollars and cents are traceable and aligned with your accounting system. We can also offer integrations with your ERP & WMS systems to make reporting even easier.
financial reconciliation automation tool

Financial Reconciliation
Automation Tool

With Gierd, get a look at a robust and unified financial reporting across all of your marketplaces to make sure all dollars and cents are traceable and aligned with your accounting system. We can also offer integrations with your ERP & WMS systems to make reporting even easier.
intelligent demand forecasting tool

Intelligent Demand
Forecasting Tool

Put technology to work for your brand with our forecasting tool that gives you a robust forecast of marketplace and competitor changes so you can plan and adjust, in real-time. No more manual and time-consuming demand planning, this is accurate and on-demand forecasting that accounts for external and internal data so you can respond quickly to market changes and make decisions with crystal-clear clarity. Plus, our tool ensures supply chain partners are able to consistently support you with product, and on time.
inventory pipeline visibility tool

Inventory Pipeline
Visibility Tool

Stay on top of your inventory, merchandising calendars, and placement opportunities with our visibility tool. With Gierd, see your brand’s inventory pipeline so you and your teams can be proactive, see what’s working, and have the chance to modify based on data and analytics. Instead of searching for information, you’re able to see in real time the supply and demand of your products and adjust accordingly.

Authentication Testing

Trust matters. With our testing program, we’ll help you authenticate your products across commerce channels to stay accountable and build trust with customers and marketplaces alike. Our program can provide transparency and traceability of products and services that gives the marketplace chain of custody, verified testing reports, and customer support.
deliverish hub

Deliverish Hub

Closed-Loop Logistics

Close the loop with clean systems to ensure products are delivered efficiently and have the flexibility to support quick growth. Our logistics orchestration can help optimize costs by connecting your brand with solutions that close the lifecycle loop for omni-channel commerce, like shipping, delivery tracking, returns management, repair, and recommerce disposition.

Flexible Operations Partner

Scale your delivery network smoothly and affordably. Also part of our Deliverish Hub, our network of in-house and partners around the globe supports inventory storage, fulfillment, returns management, repair services, and recommerce.

We’re a tool backed by an actionable team to empower you with concrete insights, resources, and services to quickly grow your business.

The team

One-on-one services by our flexible support team.

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Sales & Listing

Launch and grow sales, with expert support. Our team can help customize every step of your ecommerce management process to make sure your sales and channels are growing with efficiency and seamless integration.
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Customer Service &
Channel Relations

At Gierd, we integrate your marketplace customer service and order data into one centralized management team, reducing support costs and serving customers with faster responses so they feel valued and always taken care of.
app services icon

Marketplace Program

We’re always looking for ways to bridge gaps. With our program management services, our team works with marketplace partners to build programs that are made specifically for your needs and your customers’ needs — in an effort to enhance their buying experience that leads to more sales.
  • annabella daily

    “Gierd believed in us from the start & helped us establish a social strategy that first validated our brand & then executed a frictionless launch on Amazon (taking care of every detail)”

    Daily Jungle - Annabella Daily
  • anna k cookingpal

    "Gierd is a true extension of our team. Leveraging their knowledge and experience in e-commerce, we were able to streamline operational and fulfilment processes resulting in increased revenue and decreased cost." - Anna Khomenko

Sell everywhere, seamlessly. We support multiple channels so you can be everywhere your customers are.

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Get the best of both worlds for your business.

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